Ecopanel – solar panel maintenance video

Project Type

3D training video





Services provided

    • Design
    • 3D modeling
    • 3D animation
    • Motion-graphics
    • Audio production

[flowplayer src=”bmg/wp-content/uploads/other-assets/project-assets/ecopanel-maintenance/Beatmap-EcoPanel-Maintenance.mp4″ width=”710″ height=”410″ splash=”bmg/wp-content/uploads/other-assets/project-assets/ecopanel-maintenance/Beatmap-EcoPanel-Maintenance-Video-Main.jpg” alt=”Ecopanel – Solar panel maintenance video” title=”Ecopanel – Solar panel maintenance video”]


Video stills

About the project

Ecopanel, a manufacturer of eco-friendly solar water heaters for residential homes, is one of our first clients in the Chilean market. In the past, we created their original promotional video to explain to investors and clients how their technology works. We are happy to work with start-ups to help them visually communicate their ideas.

In addition to that video, our 3D animation team developed this training video to show buyers of the Ecopanel water heater how to maintain it after installation.