Hot Express – ordering process

Project Type

3D animation


Freight / Parcel delivery service



Services provided

    • Design
    • 3D modeling
    • 3D animation
    • Post-production
    • Audio production

[flowplayer src=”bmg/wp-content/uploads/other-assets/project-assets/he-ordering/Beatmap-Hot-Express-Ordering-Process.mp4″ width=”710″ height=”523″ splash=”bmg/wp-content/uploads/other-assets/project-assets/he-ordering/Beatmap-Hot-Express-Ordering-Process-Main.jpg” alt=”Hot Express – ordering process” title=”Hot Express – ordering process”]


Video stills

About the project

Hot Express offers a service that allows anybody in Chile to order from a US based business without having a US based delivery address and have the order delivered to their home or office in Chile.

Beatmap was asked to create a fun 3D animation to explain how the service works. The video also includes detailed instructions on how to order online through a vendor like to an audience that is not familiar with this process.