NoMa DC – 3D walkthrough + 3D renderings


Real Estate / Architecture / Urban development

Project Type

3D architectural visualization for urban development

Services provided

  • 3D modeling
  • 3D animation
  • Post-Production
  • Motion graphics

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1. 3D walkthrough screenshots

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2. 3D renderings

3. About the project

The NoMa Business Improvement District (BID) was created to support the emergence of one of Washington DC’s newest and most exciting mixed-use neighborhoods. Over 20 million square feet of new development is planned for the area over the next 15 years.

Beatmap and Macy + Associates joined forces to create a photorealistic 3D visualization of the new NoMa neighborhood. From Macy’s storyboard, Beatmap gave life to the neighborhood. The challenge was to create our models without the access to architectural plans, as most buildings designs were not completed at the time. We created our models from renderings, drawings, and other images of the buildings provided by the multiple developers invested in this project. Beatmap also designed the hardscape of the neighborhood and the music for the project.

The final video and renderings were used to market the project to the city, investors, developers and possible tenants, by allowing them to see how their vision might look like more than 15 years in the future.

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