Prostate Cancer - 3D medical animations + illustrations

Project Type

3D medical illustrations +
3D medical animations


Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

Services provided

  • 3D modeling
  • 3D animation
  • Post-Production
  • Programming

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Prostate cancer - 3D medical animations + 3D medical illustrations


1. 3D illustrations

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2. About the project

This multimedia application was developed for distribution in CD-ROM or other media like USB drives, online download and other. to give general information to patients about prostate cancer.

The content of the application ranged from text and images, to video interviews of medical experts and 3D animations of the human body. The 3D animations were created specifically for this application and included the urinary system, reproductive system and part of the lymphatic system, to help explain some of the concepts that were discussed on the voice-over and copy. In addition, the application had the option to see the content in either French and English.

The copy, design and video interviews were provided by the client and Beatmap developed the 3D medical animations (not shown due to client’s request), 3D medical illustration (shown above) and programmed the entire application.

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