Savoir Beds – 3D illustrations

Project Type

3D product illustrations


Luxury home furnishings

Services provided

    • 3D modeling
    • Post-Production

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Savoir Beds – 3D illustrations





About the project

Savoir Beds is a UK based premier maker of hand-made luxury beds. For their latest print catalog, our client requested the creation of their beds in 3D, instead of only using photos of the beds, like it has been done in the past.

Beatmap created photorealistic images of the four bed models that not only highlighted the exterior materials but also the different layers of materials inside each model. Using our expertise in creating photorealistic materials for our architectural clients, we created materials like soft lambswool, hand teased horse tail, cotton, wool, springs, etc.

The resulting images can easily be confused with a photograph. Another advantage of the use of 3D is that our client now has at its disposal assets that can be easily used in future digital projects like interactive applications and video without having to invest on new assets.